Sunday, August 10, 2008

Spinach salad with nuts and cheese


pine nuts 1 tblsp
spinach 5 cups (cut into small pieces)
olive oil 1 tblsp
lemon juice 1 tblsp
sugar a pinch
feta cheese 2 tblsp
raisins 2 tblsp
onion 2 tblsp (minced)

1. To make Salad:-
Put pine nuts in small microwave safe bowl and heat on high 30 seconds
Stir then heat on 30 seconds or until golden brown.Set aside.

2. Place spinach in a separate microwave bowl cover with plastic wrap
and microwave on high one minute.
Stir then microwave on one minute.

3.To make Dressing:-
Whisk together olive oil,lemon juice and sugar.
Stir in cheese,raisins and onions.
Season with salt and pepper
Pour over spinach and toss to coat.
Adjust seasonings, then sprinkle with pine nuts and serve.

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