Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Masal Vadai


Channa Dal 1 cup
Raw rice 1 tblsp
Fennel 1 tsp
Cinnammon 1 piece
Clove 2 (lavangam)
Ginger 1 inch piece
Green chillies 2
Garlic 2 cloves
Hing 1 tsp
Onion 1
Curry leaves few
Coriander leaves few
salt and oil as required

Wash and soak the dal and rice for 3 hours.
Drain the water and set aside.

In a mixie jar take the cinnammon,clove,ginger,green chillies,clove,fennel seeds,slat and grind it well.
Add 3/4 of the drained dal and grind coarsely to a paste.

Take a bowl.
Add the ground paste,remaining channa dal,finely chopped onion,curry leaves,coriander leaves,
Mix well.

Heat oil in a kadai.
Take small balls of vada dough and press it in the centre .
Gently drop it in the oil and fry on both sides till it becomes brown and crispy
Drain on paper towel.

Enjoy with a pipping cup of tea.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Kambu (Pearl Millet ) Idli


Kambu 3 cups
Urad dal 1 cup
Fenugreek seeds 1 tblsp
salt as required

Wash and soak urad dal,Kambu and fenugreek seeds separately for six hours.

Drain water and grind to a nice batter.

Transfer the batter to a container and then add salt and leave it for fermentation for 8 hours.

In a idli cooker fill the idli batter and steam for 15 minutes.

Serve hot with coconut chutney and idli powder.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Colourful Bean Salad


For Salad:

Kidney Beans (Rajma) 2 cup
Black bean (karamani) 1 cup
coriander leaves 1 bunch
Corn 1 cup
tomatoes 3
avocado 1

For Dressing:

Lime 2
cumin 1 tsp
olive oil 1 tblsp
pepper 1 tblsp
salt as required

To prepare salad:
Soak kidney beans and black beans overnight in water.
Put it in the cooker with the soaked water and allow 3 whistles.
Drain and keep aside.
Boil corn for five minutes till it becomes tender.
Drain and keep aside.
Take a large deep bowl.Put the drained kidney beans,black beans and corn.
Add chopped tomatoes and chopped coriander leaves.Mix well.

To prepare dressing:
Squeez the lime essence in the bowl.
Add cumin,olive oil,pepper and salt.
Stir well.
Cut the avocado into half inch pieces and add to the salad just before serving.
Serve chilled

Friday, September 5, 2014

Asparagus Salad


Asparagus 1 cup (cut into pieces)
Black eyed bean 1 cup (cooked)
Ginger 1"piece
1 clove garlic chopped finely
Ground pepper 1/2 tsp
Chopped cilantro 1/4 cup
Lime juice 1 tblsp

Boil asparagus in a large pot of salted water for 5 minutes.
Drain and rinse with cold water.
In a medium bowl combine boiled asparagua,boiled black eyed  bean ,ginger.chopped garlic,cilantro
and lime juice.Gently stir until evenly coated.
Season with salt and pepper.