Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tomato Kootu

1.Tomatoes 8 (chopped)
2.Onion 6 (chopped)
3.salt and oil as required
4.Red chilli powder 1 tsp5
5.Turmeric powder 1 tsp
For seasoning:
a.Oil 1 tblsp
b.Mustard seeds 1 tsp
c.curry leaves few
Grind to paste:
a.Coriander leaves few
b.Mint leaves few
c.Grated coconut 1/2 cup
d.Poppy seeds 1 tblsp
e.cumin seeds 1 tsp chillies 2


Heat oil in a pan and add seasonings.
When it splutters add onion,fry till brown.
2.Add chilli powder,turmeric powder and salt.
Add ground paste and stir for a minute.
3.Add little water,tomato pieces and cook till gravy thickens.
4.Serve hot with idli and dosa.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Channa Eggplant

1.Channa 1 cup
2.Brinjal 5
3.Onion 2
4.Tomato 4
5.Ginger garlic paste 1 tblsp
6.Chilli powder,dania powder each one tsp.
7.Mint and coriander leaves few
8.salt and oil as required.
1.Soak channa overnight. Pressure cook till it becomes soft.(allow two whistles)
2.Cut brinjals and onion lengthwise.
3.Put tomato in hot water.Peel off the skin and make it a paste.
4.Heat oil in a kadai.Fry onion till brown.Add ginger garlic paste.
Add sliced brinjals.Fry in reduced flame.Add boiled channa.
Add tomato paste,salt and chilli,dania powder.
5.Cook till dry and then add mint and coriander leaves.
6.Mix well and serve as a side curry for chappathi and rice.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Rajma and Mushroom curry

1.Rajma beans (dry) 1 cup
2.Mushrooms 1 cup chopped
3.Tomatoes 1/4 cup chopped
4.Red chilli powder,garam masala powder,dania powder each one tsp
5.Green chillies 2 sliced
6.Chopped curry leave, coriander leaves and mint leaves each few.
7.Onion 3 chopped
8.Cheese 1 cube
9.Curd 1 cup
10.salt and oil as required

1.Soak Rajma overnight.
Pressure cook for ten minutes.
3.Add washed mushrooms and tomatoes.
Allow one whistle.
4.Take a Kadai. Fry onion till brown.
Add cooked rajma,mushroom,tomato mixture.
Add Red chilli powder,masala powder ,dania powder and salt..
5.Add green chilli,chopped curry leaves,mint leaves and coriander leaves.
6.Pour curds in a strainer,remove extra water and add the curd alone to the gravy.
7.Cook for three minutes. Boil till gravy bcomes thick.
8.Sprinkle grated cheese on top.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Coconut Garlic Chutney

1.Grated coconut 1 cup
2.Roasted gram 1/2 cup
3.Red chillies 5
4.Garlic flakes 4
5.Tamarind little
6.salt as required


1.Grind all the ingredients into a coarse paste;
Add little water.
Season with mustard seeds,asafoetida and curry leaves.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Peas and Paneer Kurma


1.Onion 2
2.Peas 1 cup (cooked)
3.Paneer cubes 2 cups
4.Curd 1 cup
5.Garlic 5 flakes (chopped)
6.Chilli powder,Dhania powder each one tblsp
7.Tomato 4
8.Masala items:
Bay leaves,cloves,cardamom and cinnamon- little
9.oil and salt as required

1.Take a kadai.Pour little oil and fry chopped onion till brown.
2.Grind it to smooth paste and mix with whipped curd.Keep aside.
3.Put tomatoes in hot water for five minutes.Peel the skin and make it into paste
with little oil.
4.Deep fry paneer cubes in oil till golden yellow colour.
5.Heat oil in a pan
add masala items,chopped garlic and onion paste.
add chilli powder,dhania powder.
add salt and tomato paste.
6.Add little water.
Cook for five minutes.
add cooked peas and fried paneer cubes.
7.Garnish with coriander leaves.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Rice Pudding

1.Milk 5 cups
2.Rice 1 cup (uncooked)
3.Egg 1
4.Sugar 1 cup
5.Vanilla 2 tsp
6.Salt 1/2 tsp
7.Cinnamon 1 tsp


1.Warm the milk in a Kadai over medium low heat.Stir in rice.
Bring to a simmer and cook,uncovered,stirring frequently
until the rice is very tender,about 30 minutes.
2.Take a bowl,whisk together the egg,sugar,vanilla and salt.
Gradually stir in rice mixture.
Reduce the flame and wait for one minute to cook the egg.
3.Pour the mixture in cups and sprinkle with cinnamon.
Refrigerate for one hour oruntil chilled.