Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Malpoa(Delicious sweet from Bengal)


1.Milk 5 cups
2.Maida 4 tbsp
3.Rava 3 tbsp
4.Saunf 1/4 tsp
5.ghee to fry
6.Sugar 1 cup
7.Water 1 cup
8.Rose essence few drops

1.Boil the milk till semi solid consistency.
Cool it and add maida and rava.
Add crushed saunf and mix to a creamy batter.
Keep aside for one hour.
2.Mix sugar with water and cook to a thin syrup.
Add a few drops of milk and strain.
Add rose essence and divide the syrup into two parts.
Place one part in a wide shallow dish.
3.Heat a tawa and grease with ghee.
pour the batter spread evenlyand make pancakes,
cooked on both sides with ghee till golden brown.
4.As each pancake is cooked,transfer it to the shallow dish of syrup.
Pour the remaining syrup on top.
Serve chill.

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