Saturday, June 23, 2007


1. How old is your father
As old as I am
How is it possible.
He became father only after I was born.

2.Who is donkey:
Once Akbar went to the river with his two sons and wise Minister Birbal.
On the bank of the river,Akbar and two sons took off their clothes and asked
Birbal to take care of them while they took bath in the river.
Birbal was waiting for them to come out of the river.
All the clothes were on his shoulder.
Looking at Birbal standing like this,Akbar said to him "Birbal you look like as
if you are carrying a washerman's donkey load."
Birbal quickly replied "Sir,washerman's donkey carries only one donkey's load
whereas I am carrying three donkey's load."
Akbar was speechless.

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