Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Almond Soup


1.White bread 2 slices
2.Cold water 3 cups
3.Almond 1 cup blanched
4.garlic 2 hopped
5.olive oil 4 tblsp
6.vinegar 2 tblsp
7.pepper 1 tsp grounded
8.salt as required


1 Take a bowl.Pour one cup of water.
Add the bread slices.
2.Put the almonds and garlic in a blender and process until finely ground.
Blend in the soaked bread.
3.Add the oil and stir well until the mixture forms a smooth paste.
Add the vinegar and the remaining cold water. Stir well.
4.Add salt and grounded pepper.
Chill for atleast three hours.

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