Friday, August 10, 2007



1.White pumpkins 1 cup(cut into cube shape)
2.Beans 1 cup(chopped)
3.Potato 1 cup (chopped)
4.Drumstick 2 (cut into 1" length)
5.Curd 3 cups
6.Curry leaves 1 bunch
7.Coconut oil 2 tblsp

For grinding:-
a.grated coconut 1 cup
b.sugar 1 tsp
c.cumin 1 tsp chillies 2

1.Boil all the vegetables in a cup of water until tender.Keep aside.
2.Grind all the items mentioned above with one cup of curd into a paste.
Pour this paste into the vessel containing vegetables.
Add salt and mix well.
3.Remove from heat.
Pour coconut oil and the remaining two cups of curd
over the vegetables along with curry leaves.

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