Monday, July 9, 2007

Paal Payasam (easy method)


1.Rice 1/4 cup
2.Milk 4 cups
3.Sugar 1 cup
4.Grated badam little
5.Cardomom powder 1 tblsp
6.Saffron little


1.Grind rice in the mixie into small pieces just like rava.
2.Take a cooker and pour 3 cups of milk in it.
Add the broken rice.Keep in medium flame and allow two whistles.
Then switch off the gas stove.
3.When the pressure reduces open the cooker and add the remaining one cup of milk
and sugar. Again keep in medium flame and stir it till the sugar dissolves.
Switch off the gas when the consistency is thick.
4.Add grated badam,cardamom powder and saffron.
(Instead of milk you can use condensed milk also)

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