Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Peas Cake

1.Peas 2 cups
2.Cashewnut 1 cup
3.Milk 2 cups
4.Sugar 3 cups
5.Ghee 1 tblsp
6.Cherry 10


1.Soak peas for five hours.
2.Take a deep curved pan and add one cup of milk.
Add peas and cashewnuts.Boil for ten minutes.
3.Drain it and grind it into a paste in the mixie.
4.Add the remaining cup of milkwith sugar.
Stir constantly till the sugar dissolves.
Add the peas and cashew paste.Stir well till it becomes a soft dough
Keep aside.
5.Take a big plate and apply ghee equally.
Pour the prepared cake dough evenly to 1" thickness.
Cut into pieces and garnish with cherries.

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