Friday, July 27, 2007

Pumpkin &Apple Halwa

1.Pumpkin 1/2 kg (peeled and cut into pieces)
2.Apple 1/2 kg (cut into pieces)
3.Cinnamom 1" stick
4.butter 1 tsp
5Water 75 ml
6.Sugar 75 gm
7.Raisins 50 gm
8.Coconut 2 tblsp grated
9.Almonds 2 tblsp roasted

1.Place the pumpkin,water and cinnamom in a saucepan.
Cover and cook until tender.Drain and mash the pumpkin.
2.In a separate pan melt little butter.Add apples.Cover and cook until soft.
Mash the apples and mix with the pumpkin.
3.In a large pan heat little oil.Add pumpkin and apple.
Stir constantly until the puree becomes thick.
Add sugar.
4.Continue cooking until the HALWA turns into a deep amber and glossy mixture.
Garnish with dried fruits and coconut shreds.

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